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Explore the realms of the afterlife with former ‘Most Haunted’ paranormal expert Phil Whyman and The Ghost Hunting Company, as we take part in ghost hunts and ghost hunting events.

On our ghost hunting events we seek to communicate with the ghosts & spirits of those who dwell there. Take part in unnerving seances, paranormal experiments and test your bravery – if you dare – on the infamous ouija board, all within the most haunted buildings that the UK has to offer. So for all your haunted happenings and nights of fright book now.
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Phil Whyman – paranormal investigator and former member of TV’s Most Haunted team – introduces the reader to the different forms of ghostly activity encountered at a haunted site.

Explore. Experiment. Communicate.


Join The Ghost Hunting Company for a night to remember as we take part in ghost hunts in some of the most haunted places that the UK has to offer. And remember: if it happens then it happens FOR REAL.

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PHIL WHYMAN’S ‘Haunted Walkthrough‘ A guided tour of your ghost hunting experience with THE GHOST HUNTING COMPANY

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What Our Customers Have To Say ….

Have been to a few ghost hunts with Phil and Sara, will not go with anyone else!! The guides are very professional, the events are well organised and you are kept informed all the way. Also no one gets involved in any experiments you do, so you can keep an open mind all the time. I will be coming back for many more years. Thank you x

Vici Scott

Amazing venue [Newsham Park]! Some creepy stuff happening. Amazing team just an unreal experience. Can’t wait to go again.

Amy and Alan

Hi…big thank you to you and the team for a great nite on Saturday,i got lots of good pics and really enjoyed it i cant wait now to book another with yourselves

Take care


I would just like to say a big thank you to the team for a thoroughly enjoyable night. As a new starter to the paranormal event scene I really enjoyed it. My wife has been on several haunted events and also really enjoyed the night. Everything was really well organised to ensure we had the best opportunities to enjoy the venue, with or without anything paranormal occurring, with the team on hand at every moment!

Looking forward to the next event.


…I would also like to thank you for what was a great evening which was so enjoyable and carried out very professionally and would definitely look into joining another investigation when i am in the UK again next year.



Great place, can’t wait to go back, so many more areas to investigate.


I have used a number of different ghost hunting companies but have to say going with Phil and Sara is by far the best experience. Nothing is ever faked, so if it happens its real. They are all friendly, helpful and supportive in what ever level of participation you feel up to!! It makes for a fab night out and not one to ever be forgotten.

Paula G

I have done this event many times. Some of my best paranormal experiences have happened at Peterborough museum. Phil and Sara and their team are amazing at what they do, the nights are very well organised. I would never go with any other team. Keep up the excellent work guys! xxx


Cracking location and the team are brilliant…

Tim Wigmore

Ghost Hunts & Haunted Events

Join Phil Whyman and The Ghost Hunting Company for a fright night of chilling discovery at one of Britain’s most haunted buildings. Choose a ghost hunt with us as we uncover a world of paranormal activity and haunted happenings. Join Most Haunted ’s Phil Whyman to explore haunted venues such as Victorian theatres, medieval castles, stately manor houses, underground complexes, haunted inns, old forts and more.

All of our ghost hunts takes place in locations with a long history of hauntings, and with a good background of reported paranormal activity, so that you get the best opportunity possible to encounter ghostly phenomenon, nights of fright, and haunted happenings.

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