Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt, 14th October


Join Phil Whyman and the Ghost Hunting Company team for what may very well be their one and only ghost hunt of 2017, at the world famous Galleries Of Justice, Nottingham.

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Galleries Of Justice Ghost Hunt

Join Phil Whyman and the Ghost Hunting Company team at the world famous Galleries Of Justice (now known as the National Justice Museum) for a night of ghost hunting to remember; and with our promise never to fake anything, you can rest assured that whatever happens, it happens for REAL!

Witnessed Paranormal Activity
There have been many incidents of ghostly activity and unexplained phenomenon experienced at the Galleries Of Justice building, witnessed by staff and visitors alike. Everything from full bodied apparitions and objects moving by themselves, to physical contact, mysterious voices, and strange smells.

During our overnight investigations we have had multiple witnesses report a dark, hooded figure standing at the back of one of the courtrooms; this person could not be accounted for at the time, and was not part of the group that night; each time upon investigation this mysterious person could not be found.

Several guests have reported being touched by unseen hands, especially in the area known at the chapel. And perhaps one of the strangest incidents relates to a phantom cat, whose paw prints have been seen imprinted in the sandy floor in the cave area; these prints often appear in the middle of the area, without any tracks entering or leaving.

During filming in the chapel and cave areas both Richard Felix and Phil Whyman heard and ungodly choking, gurgling noise, as if someone was being brutally strangled; nothing could be found to account for this.

Your Galleries Of Justice Ghost Hunting Information
Your Galleries Of Justice ghost hunt includes the use of our ghost hunting equipment such as EMF meters, infrared thermometers, dowsing devices, Ouija boards, etc., and time will be allocated for you to explore the haunted areas on your own…if you are brave enough.

During Your Ghost Hunting Event
You will have the chance to take part in traditional spirit communication experiments, such as:

  • Seances
  • Glass Divination
  • Ouija Board Sessions
  • Other communication experiments
  • Please note that participation is optional.

Useful Advice

  • PLEASE wrap up warm and wear sturdy, sensible, flat shoes (no heels!).
  • Feel free to bring snacks with you for the event.
  • When traveling to the venue please allow for any delays you may encounter during your journey.
  • Feel free to bring cameras and camcorders with you for this ghost hunt.
  • A torch is vital.
  • There are NO sleeping facilities available; you will need to be awake all night for this ghost hunt.
  • Over 18’s only
  • NCP parking is available nearby (walking distance)


Event Date: Saturday 14th October 2017

Event Time: 9.00 pm- 4.00 am

Location:National Justice Museum, High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HN


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