Not long now until our next ghost hunting event, taking place at Charlton House in London (not directly in the centre, mind!).
This will be a first time investigation into this building for The Ghost Hunting Company team, and I caught up with TGHC team leader and ‘The Ghost Hunters Podcast’ presenter Arron Weedall to get his thoughts about the venue…

The Ghost Hunting Company “This is such an amazing looking place, definitely has that classic haunted mansion style to it,” Arron told me.
“Given it’s history I’m sure it won’t disappoint our intrepid ghost hunters on the night”,

“I’ve heard good things about Charlton House, both from other paranormal investigators, and those who live close to the building; it has a great reputation locally as a real haunted hotspot.”

Sounds good to me, Arron!

Don’t forget that you can still join us for this event – Saturday 26th July – by booking your place here.


Phil Whyman

Ghost Hunts